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100 Misunderstandings

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Jerusalem, Israel, is the home and workplace of Andi Arnovitz. She is a conceptual artist and author of “100 Misunderstandings!” (about Jews). I reached her work in Viena (Jüdisches Museum Wien).

The exhibition is not about cliches, or not only about them...

The misperception of Jews reveals more about the times than it does about Jews—we can read within plaques in the museum next to Andi's works.

In one piece, Andi demonstrates the possibility for instrumentalization and demonization of each ideology and identity.

Übermensch - the literary, philosophical, and ideological category describing a hypothetical "higher stage" of human development, was genius but instrumentalized by Nazis.

The discourse about it started in 1970. It was when Carter established the commission on the Holocaust. The body proposed to the President opening the museum in Washington (talking about USHMM - the abbreviation does not need to be expanded). The aim of the exhibition in Washington was not to show objects but to analyze what happened, why it happened, and what to do to prevent it from happening anymore.

Andi fits into this discourse.

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