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Shaping the future together

In modern democracy, elections involve voters, politicians, parties, and the media. Nowadays, journalists who report on the agenda of the parties are no longer even necessary for the first two actors. Both politicians and voters have their own media, or new media.

It started a long time ago. The most read news of 2008 was titled "Four more years." It expanded to 200 nations. Its author was a politician rather than a well-known journalist. It was Barack Obama, and it was on Twitter.

Thanks to the Internet, more individuals are also expressing their own agendas. By virtue of new media, today's communities are also much more forceful in their demands for the party establishment's attention. They are not even interested in the agendas of parties; they have their own agendas.

In the House, there are also more and more people who come with their own agenda, and they do not listen to their elders from the top down. It was Sen. Bernie Sanders who first showed it was possible. While he was competing with Hillary Clinton, he gained money through Internet fundraising.

However, the Internet and technology have also brought about "Big Data." We still ask ourselves whether Trump won the election or whether the analyst did it for him.

The question is: Who influences modern democracy?

And it is a pity that journalistic reports do not matter, as everyone has their own agenda.

So do journalists.

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